About 86 B.I.D.

86th St. B.I.D. (Business Improvement District)

86 B.I.D.

  • Developed in the 1990s, 86 B.I.D. started operations in 2001
  • 131 properties over 160 businesses.
  • 86 B.I.D. is a public/private partnership = property and business owners elect to make a collective contribution to the maintenance, development, and promotion of the district.
  • Program Services include Sanitation/Maintenance; Marketing/Promotions; Capital Improvements; Beautification
  • All funds a special assessment are paid by property owners within the district.
  • 86 B.I.D. is one of over 75 B.I.D.s in the City of New York
  • Coordinates with NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS)

86 B.I.D. – “The District”

On 86 St/Northside: 4th Av-FHP ; On 86 St/Southside 4 Av-Gatling Ave
On 87 St: 4th – 5th Av ; On 4th: 85-87 Streets and On 5th: 85-88

86 B.I.D. Mission

Promote general welfare of the people living in, working in, and visiting the neighborhood, through programs and services which help maintain and promote business in 86 B.I.D. Board of Directors strive to create a welcoming environment for residents, businesses, shoppers, and visitors in the best interests of the district.